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Barrier Wall End Treatment



No ground anchoring, easy deployment/removal, and the shortest length in its class, make the ABSORB-MTM system the contractor’s choice for a work zone-ready MASH crash cushion. At just 21’ long and 24” wide, it is suited for narrow areas where road and workspace is limited. The system utilizes interchangeable, stackable elements to reduce inventory costs, and a universal transition takes time and complexity out of installation.


  • Rapid deployment and retrieval
  • Universal transition
  • Narrow footprint
  • Can be deployed on almost any road surface
  • Shortest MASH TL-3 nondirective, anchorless crash cushion
  • No ground anchoring required
  • Acceptable for use on anchored and unanchored barrier
  • Acceptable for use on anchored and unanchored barrier TL-3 system fits in back of a pickup
  • Elements can be easily lifted through forklift ports while full


The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a narrow, non-redirected gating crash cushion. SLED is designed to shield the end of all permanent and temporary portable barrier shapes including concrete, steel, and plastic. SLED’ s unique design incorporates four internal steel cables which help envelop the impacting vehicle, reducing the possibility of secondary accidents. The SLED End Treatment does not require foundation anchor bolts to be attached to the road or bridge deck. The complete crash cushion can be installed quickly (on compacted dirt, gravel, decomposed granite, asphalt, or concrete) with as little as one pick up truck and two workers. 

Each SLED module is manufactured from a high-visibility, yellow polyethylene that is UV stabilized to minimize degradation. It is desigi:i-ed to deform and rupture on impact, absorbing the energy of the errant vehicle. SLED has the most versatile transition Tor shielding all permanent and temporary portable barriers. The combination of hinging and contouring allows the transition panels of the SLED End1reatment to be attached to various profile shapes with either converging or diverging angles, up to 10°.


  • FHW A accepted for shielding the blunt end of concrete, steel and water fi1led barriers
  • Quick and easy set-up, with no foundation anchoring
  • Cost-effective end treatment for concrete, steel, or water filled barriers
  • Universal transition guickly and easily attaches to a variety of barrier shapes and sizes
  • SLED’ s stout aesign virtually eliminates vaulting
  • Narrow footprint 1s ideal for work zones or roads with minimal shoulder spacing
  • Shortest length TL-3 water filled crash cushion means fewer incidental impacts
  • Containment imr,act SLED minimizes debris field
  • Visual “drive by’ fill indicators quickly verify water modules are properly filled
  • FHW A accepted for use in uni- and bi-directional applications
  • Internal steel cables help envelop vehicle after an impact, creating a truly “limited gating’ system


No gound anchoring, the largest selection of transitions, and modular technology allow the ABSORB 350 Anchorless Crash Cushion to be used in multiple speed conditions. The ABSORB 350 Anchorless Crash Cushion is ideal for contractors due to the ease of maintenance after an impact and quick and easy deployment. At 24″ wide, this impact attenuator is ideally suited for narrow areas in work zones where road and workspace is limited. The ABSORB 350 Anchorless Crash Cushion is easy to restore after an impact because the attenuator uses standardized modules. Using standardized modules also helps reduce inventory costs.


  • Designed for easy transition to multiple portable concrete barrier widths and shapes
  • Can be deployed on almost any road surface
  • No ground anchoring required
  • Meets NCHRP 350 TL-1, TL-2, and TL-3 test criteria
  • Fast and easy deployment and retrieval
  • Nose and transition can be reused after most design impacts
  • Narrow footprint allows placement in front of hazards close to a travel lane


Work zones or other temporary application to shield portable concrete barrier on asphalt, concrete, gravel, or dirt when speed of deployment and removal is essential. Can also be used in permanent applications.


  • Classification – Non-Redirective (NR) Impact Attenuator
  • TL-3 length – 32′
  • Width – 24″
  • Height – 32″
  • Module weight empty – 110 lb
  • Test level – NCHRP 350 TL 1/2/3