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Camera, Radar, and Portable Sign Trailers



  • OTPI POWER LENS – Designed to maximize each LED output and utilize less energy
  • SOLAR PANELS – Provide maximum solar recharging during all four seasons
  • SOLAR REGULATOR – Protects the batteries from overcharging


  • Speed display panel: 25″ x 50″
  • Display: 2 digits (mph)
  • 18″ in characters – visible up to 1000′
  • 4 LEDs per pixel
  • Rotates 360° for perfect setting
  • Plug & play display modules for simplified maintenance


  • Extra-large full-matrix display
  • Optical lenses and sun shades over 26″ LED characters
  • Selectable speed-limit setting
  • Clearly displays speed in MPH (one or two digits)
  • Software-controlled selection of speed units, MPH or
  • KM/H
  • 24″x30″ regulatory speed-limit sign included, other sizes available
  • Regulatory sign has changeable speed-limit numbers
  • Approach-only K-band radar measures speeds from 5 to 150 MPH, at a distance of up to 1500′
  • Radar unit is CE compliant, FCC approved
  • Extended height increases visibility
  • Streamlined see-through design
  • Compact and easily portable, 5-rninute setup
  • Under 900 lbs, can be towed by most vehicles
  • Standard 2″ ball coupler tow-hitch
  • Battery powered & solar charging
  • Locking control box and battery compartment
  • Truly solar powered – engineered for continuous operaton
  • Brightest, most visible display – legible messages under all conditions
  • Sign panel failsafe system – automatically detects
    and corrects errors and faults
  • CE marked – ensures complete electromagnetic compliance for superb reliability
  • Custom sign case and door frame extrusions -sturdy, secure, and weathertight
  • Modular construction – easy maintenance and repair


  • Battery charger
  • Data logger 
  • Modern
  • Jarn-Logic automation
  • Tongue wheel jack
  • Stealth technology



  • Design allows for quick setup and takedown
  • Top, middle and bottom sign positions
  • Attach one, two or three signs
  • See-through trailer design improves worker safety in high-risk areas
  • LED lamps powered by batteries, charged with integrated solar panels
  • Control box contains beacon flash-pattern selector and solar panel regulator
  • Low-voltage disconnect protects batteries
  • Locking battery and control boxes prevent unauthorized access


  • Consumes 66 % less power
  • Smaller batteries have 80% less lead content
  • Sealed batteries will not leak or spill and require no maintenance
  • Decreased charging time saves energy and downtime
  • Reduced battery weight saves fuel
  • Manufacturing process emits near-zero VOCs
  • Nearly every component can be recycled


The CT-2430 is a portable camera trailer designed to provide height and stability for deployment of outdoor dynamic video surveillance. The CT-2430 camera trailer is perfect to remotely monitor work zones, construction sites, special events or any application where permanent cameras are not available or feasible.


30′ Galvanized mast – rotates 360° and retracts for easy transport

• Tilt-and-Rotate solar panels – maximizes solar recharging and increases battery life
• 12 VDC/ solar power system – sustainable video surveillance anywhere
• Environmentally friendly – no generator, noise or pollution
• Wireless communication – remote monitoring from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
• Multi-use – accepts most IP video surveillance cameras and non-intrusive traffic sensors
• Compact design – deploys in 10 minutes and easy to tow and store
• PTZ camera control – pan, tilt and zoom on your desired location
• Preset views – create several views for instant one-click redirecting camera


Overall length: 179″

• Overall width: 90″
• Operating height: 379″
• Traveling height: 58″
• Axle/ suspension: 3500 lbs

Weight (approx.): 2822 lbs. 


  • Rugged PTZ dome camera (various models available)
  • Stream live video of work zone
  • Record video
  • Traffic sensors


The CT-2320 is a portable sensor trailer designed to provide height and stability for collecting speed data .. The CT-2320 comes with a modem which gathers data remotely using special software. The CT-2320 is the perfect equipment for traffic studies or to integrate into your Smart Work Zone projects.


  • 20′ mast rotates 360° and retracts for easy transport
  • Tilt and rotate solar panels – maximizes solar recharging and increase battery life
  • Environmentally friendly – no generator, noise, or pollution
  • Compact design – deploys in 10 minutes and easy to tow and store
  • Wireless communication – remote monitoring from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Accepts microwave or doppler sensor – ready to be installed


  • Overall length: 163″
  • Overall width: 99″
  • Operating height: 263″
  • Traveling height: 59″
  • Traveling width: 84″
  • Axle/ suspension: 3500 lbs
  • Weight (approx.): 1820 lbs