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Delineator Buttons / Barrier Wall Reflectors


Delineators are beneficial at locations such as at lane-reduction, transitions, and curves. They provide effective guidance at night and during adverse weather conditions.

  • Retroflective elements for delineators shall have a minimum dimension of 3″
  • Delineators are considered guidance devices rather than warning devices
  • Delineators may be used on long, continuous sections of highway, or through short stretches with changes in horizontal alignment


  • Delineates the barrier well before drivers approach
  • The JD Cube is the largest acrylic cube corner delineator in the industry
  • More than two times brighter than requirements for prismatic reflectors as shown by state photometric tests
  • Size: 3″ H and 5 ½” W
  • Marker material: ABS and acrylic
  • Reflective colors: yellow or white
  • Single-Face (SF) or Double-Faced (DF)
  • Box quantity: 100 markers
  • Meet the minimum MUTCD requirements for reflectivity
  • Exceeds all state and federal brightness standards