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Glare Screen


Glare screen is designed to block blinding headlight glare from opposing traffic lanes. This anti-glare screen comes with a base rail system that allows quick installation, limiting the amount of time workers spend in the construction zone. The base rail units come pre-sized for 10, 12, 12.5, and 15 foot barriers.

The blades, available in various heights, are adjustable up to 22 degrees to optimize cut-off angle. In addition, Carsonite’s Modular Guidance System prevents motorists from gawking into construction zones and impeding traffic flow. The system efficiently and safely guides motorists through the zone. 

To reduce traffic congestion in work zones, we offer a glare screen system on top of the median barriers that minimizes cross-median visibility in both temporary and permanent medians.

Made of polymetric materials, the vertical blades are flexible and durable, and fit quickly and easily into a specially-designed plastic blade base and base rail system that adapts to any size barrier. The barrier wall can be relocated without removing our glare screen system.