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Smart Systems


Jamlogic is software that provides transparent web-based access to all devices and data. The software analyzes traffic data and provides real-time information to the motoring public, project managers, agency traffic management center (TMC) and public websites. We can provide the right technology and application to make your work zone smart.


  • Scalable, flexible and customizable system
  • Speed data from multiple sources
  • Interactive GPS device mapping and listings
  • Transparent logging and history data
  • Streaming video with PTZ control
  • Unlimited users/various levels of access
  • Optional public website
  • Optional automated email or text alerts 
  • Bluetooth, wireless, and network data enabled


  • Increased traveler and worker safety
  • Cost savings due to reduced incidents
  • Better information to motoring public
  • Quicker incident response and improved mobility
  • Real-time project visibility
  • Data analysis at your fingertips
  • Better understanding of traffic conditions
  • Meets the requirements in the FHWA’s Section 12-1 Final Rule